West Texas Wildfire - Big Bend Coffee

Good morning! Today I’m drinking coffee from Big Bend Coffee Roasters from the bustling metropolis of Marfa, Texas. On the inside, the roastery looks like it’s in a temporary building used by overcrowded Texas schools or oil field offices, but I was assured it was an actual freestanding building. The people are friendly and hey, you’re in Marfa. This isn’t exactly Stumptown country.

Wildfire Label

This coffee’s label is less about the coffee and more about the name of the coffee, but a few things stand out:

  1. Organic
  2. Fair Trade Certified
  3. The words “bold & smooth”

All three are good things. As for item 3, this coffee is a lot bolder than expected. It definitely has a kick to it. I normally wouldn’t do this, but I recommend drinking this with a bit of half-and-half or heavy cream in you’re into the whole “Keto diet” thing. It needs a bit of sweetness to tame the fire.

If you find yourself looking for the Marfa Lights, grab some beans from Big Bend Coffee, a hand grinder, and brew up some Wildfire. It will keep you awake for sure.