Three Africans - Blue Bottle

Stop the presses. I may have just had some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. As you can probably tell based on reading posts on this blog, I’m a huge promoter of Blue Bottle Coffee. For Texans who may be reading this, it’s like the Franklin BBQ of coffee, which is no small statement. It’s amazing, and today’s coffee is no exception. I’m drinking the Three Africans blend.

Three Africans

Notes from Blue Bottle:

This coffee is generally a blend of Congolese and two different Ethiopians coffees. Together, these components produce a big, chocolaty aroma and excel in just about every prep method, save espresso and siphon. Unlike some of our fancy-shmancy single origins, this blend has a very easy-to-like personality, good body, unthreatening complexity, and a reasonably clean aftertaste. The coffees—two Ethiopians, one dry-processed and one wet processed; and a wet-processed Congolese—leave subtle imprints of dried blueberries and cardamom. A fairly dark roast, this inclusive blend will take milk or cream well. Some say damn well.

I can taste the fruit, but what strikes me about this coffee is the very clean aftertaste - almost like you had bottled water instead of coffee. Not to say it’s weak, because it isn’t, but just very clean. At work, it stopped several of my coworkers in their tracks. The notes say you could put cream in it, but if you did that we could no longer be friends.

When I die, I want Saint Peter to be waiting for me with a mug of this coffee. Why are you still reading this? GO BUY SOME RIGHT NOW.

Brew Method: Chemex Ratio: 15:1