Thoughts on the 2018 SATechTrek

The San Antonio tech ecosystem is better than ever, but still has a long way to go. I saw lots of great demos, talked to really smart people, and there’s a lot to celebrate. However, there are some things that I’m still concerned about for the immediate future, and there are a few ways I think the event can be even better in 2019.

Rackspace is still laying off workers

The companies I saw were mostly early-stage startups (which is still awesome!), but can they pick up the slack as Rackspace sheds workers who have years of technical experience? On top of that, can they pay what the market demands for that experience? I keep seeing folks on social media move to other cities to take jobs that can’t be found locally and it breaks my heart. Startups today are huge companies tomorrow, but I fear we’ll need them sooner than later. I’d also like to see more medium-sized and growing companies based locally, instead of based elsewhere with a San Antonio office for entry-level workers.

In 2019 I’d also like to see more job boards! Who’s hiring? Who’s looking for a job? Were recruiters there? Even if it’s remote. A remote worker is still better than a tech worker leaving the city.

Where were the leaders?

If you were looking to network with movers and shakers in the San Antonio tech ecosystem, unless you knew who to look for you wouldn’t see them on the Trek. Granted, you COULD talk to this 14-year old about his payday loan startup. In 2019 I’d really like to see Scaleworks leaders, Geekdom backers or the executives, or CodeUp leaders (or as I said before, more recruiters!) in specific, labeled areas along the Tech Trek who are available to discuss their portfolio companies or accelerators.

Still lots of excitement!

Re-reading this, this post sounds kind of negative. I did have a lot of fun, and saw lots of friends along the way. I just want San Antonio to have a real tech ecosystem that rivals other major cities. We’ve come a long way as a city in 5 years. Tech in San Antonio is growing, and it’s getting a lot better. My hope: that trends continue to go up and to the right.