SHB Las Palomas - Blue State Coffee

A friend just returned from a Boston trip with some Costa Rican goodness courtesy of Blue State Coffee.

Blue State

Blue State is a coffee roastery & shop with several locations in New England, with a heavy focus on philanthropy:

Blue State Coffee donates 2% of sales to local non-profit organizations suggested by our customers. We choose 4 local non-profit organizations at each of our stores twice a year for a 6 month period. Each time a customer makes a purchase he or she may vote for one of the 4 non-profits we are supporting at that time. We then allocate 2% of sales based on the number of votes each organization receives during the 6 month donation period.

It’s a very cool idea for a coffee business to really impact their local community in such a way. Most coffee businesses I encounter talk about the benefit to some far away farmer, (which isn’t a bad thing!) but don’t do much other than make sales in the cities they operate in.

As for the coffee itself, it’s from a farm in the Tarbaca province of Tarrazu in Costa Rica - approximately 6,000 feet elevation. The coffee is light and refreshing for a Spring afternoon, and quite tasty. You can try some for yourself by ordering online.