Sabbatical Plans

Out of Office

After 7 years of service, my employer grants me a one month paid sabbatical that I can back with a month of vacation time. That’s two months paid time off! I’m taking my sabbatical time in September and October. I keep getting asked, “What are you planning to do?”

The answer, of course, is coffee-related.

Two months is a long time, but also a short time. I plan to learn as much about the coffee industry as possible, tracing backwards from cup to farm. The plan is three-fold: drinking, roasting, and farming.

In San Antonio, I’ll be hanging out at Brown Coffee Company while they roast coffee, taking copious notes and asking a lot of stupid questions. The Brown team is well respected, and has a reputation for having high standards for their coffee. I expect to learn a great deal. I’m also trying to get some time behind a bar at a shop here in town. More info to come!

During this time I’ll also be traveling around the great state of Texas (family in tow!) touring roasting plants like Katz Coffee in Houston and Cuvée in Austin. I’ll also be going to several highly rated coffee shops. My current list:

During this time I’m also going to Hawaii for some actual vacation. Along with normal beach and tourist activities I’ll be visiting a few Kona coffee plantations to learn about growing and processing coffee beans. I’ll be blogging the entire experience right here so check back often!