Reserva: Cuvee

In a previous post, I wrote some notes up on Cuvée Coffee’s cold brew (Black & Blue). This morning I decided to grind up some Reserva from Cuvée, a blend from El Salvador.

Reserva label

This particular coffee is meant to be served as an espresso, however, I decided to brew it in my French Press today. When I say espresso, the Starbucks faithful among you will probably assume a darker roast. On the contrary, Reserva is a bit on the light side. When drinking it, you can definitely feel a tinge of spice in the back of your throat as if you were eating something with a bit of a kick. I think I also taste some chocolate, which is always welcome. Cuvée has a video with a bit more info on Reserva that’s worth a minute:

Brew Method: French Press Ratio: 16:1