Puro Cafe: Rosella Coffee

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I’m doing a meetup! Puro Cafe started as a 6-week long explore of San Antonio’s coffee industry with some friends. At our last meeting… when it was over, no one wanted it to end. So, the Puro Cafe meetup formally exists and we had our “first” meeting at Rosella Coffee this morning.

Being the Friday after an overnight rain, I needed to get a bit more wired up than normal. I had a very tasty cappuccino with Rosella’s Egg Cloud sandwich for breakast. As more people arrived, I opted for the pourover, which was Cuvee’s Laguna Las Ranas prepped in a Kalita Wave. Someone had some apple/cheddar toast and I just knew that’s what I should have had with this coffee. The pairing would have been perfect. Cuvee always makes some quality beans and this was no exception. Add that to the atmosphere at Rosella, sprinkle in some friends, and you have a great start to a Friday. Happy weekend!