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On a bag of delicious Merit coffee from Local…

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Puro Cafe: Rosella Coffee

I’m doing a meetup! Puro Cafe started as a 6-week long explore of San Antonio’s coffee industry with some friends. At our last meeting… when it was over, no one wanted it to end. So, the Puro Cafe meetup formally exists and we had our “first” meeting at Rosella Coffee this morning. Being the Friday after an overnight rain, I needed to get a bit more wired up than normal. I had a very tasty cappuccino with Rosella’s Egg Cloud sandwich for breakast. [Read More]

SHB Las Palomas - Blue State Coffee

A friend just returned from a Boston trip with some Costa Rican goodness courtesy of Blue State Coffee. Blue State is a coffee roastery & shop with several locations in New England, with a heavy focus on philanthropy: Blue State Coffee donates 2% of sales to local non-profit organizations suggested by our customers. We choose 4 local non-profit organizations at each of our stores twice a year for a 6 month period. [Read More]

Brew Methods

You brew your coffee using some sort of device that moves clean water through ground up beans and consuming the liquid that is created. Methods of doing this vary wildly, from K-CUP coffee pods to Espresso to French Press to Siphon, and on and on. Like many things, there are trade-offs for the method you choose. Pop Chart Labs has an excellent break down for brew methods that you can purchase: [Read More]

Giant Steps - Blue Bottle

Yet another Blue Bottle coffee, I know. It’s just so darned tasty. This coffee is extremely viscous and chocolatey. I feel like I’m drinking Hershey Syrup. The notes from Blue Bottle (see below) actually recommend cream. I’m usually against cream in coffee because I feel like it kills flavor. If I wanted cream I could drink a Keurig K-Cup and be good to go. But… this time I relented only because we have some crazy good cream on hand from Promised Land Dairy. [Read More]