Brew Method Tasting

My sister-in-law (and San Antonio’s “Social Llama”) Kelly came over today with a bag of coffee from Mildfire Coffee Roasters here in San Antonio. This is an Indian coffee, sun-dried then exposed to Monsoon moisture. There’s something magical about opening a fresh bag of coffee: She had offered to bring some to me in exchange for a brew method tasting, using three different brew methods: Chemex French Press Keurig (custom refillable pod) I was happy to oblige! [Read More]

Sabbatical Plans

After 7 years of service, my employer grants me a one month paid sabbatical that I can back with a month of vacation time. That’s two months paid time off! I’m taking my sabbatical time in September and October. I keep getting asked, “What are you planning to do?” The answer, of course, is coffee-related. Two months is a long time, but also a short time. I plan to learn as much about the coffee industry as possible, tracing backwards from cup to farm. [Read More]

The Bean and Biscuit: Blanco, TX

The family and I decided on a short weekend road trip to Blanco, which is about 40 miles north of San Antonio. The town has an awesome town square around an old courthouse. In the square, The Bean and Biscuit is next to the Blanco Tourism Center, which is surprisingly closed on Saturday. Oh well, I’m here for the coffee anyway. Who am I kidding: add a slice of pie too. [Read More]

Puro Cafe: White Elephant

This new place on South Presa has excellent coffee. Dorian, the barista behind the bar, really knows his stuff. What more needs to be said? Get down here.

Best San Antonio Coffee Shops

I woke up this morning to find this list of San Antonio’s best coffee shops on MySA by Chris Eudaily. I’ll save you a click. Here’s his list, in what I assume is no particular order: Brown Coffee Co. Rosella Coffee Aspen’s Brew Café Aroma Candlelight Coffeehouse Halcyon Southtown La Taza Coffee House Local Coffee Mildfire Coffee Roasters Olmos Perk Coffee Perk’s Coffee Café Revolucion Coffee + Juice Tazas Coffee I’m not sure what criteria was used to determine “best” here, but some of these places are amazing and worthy of high praise while others leave a lot to be desired. [Read More]

PuroCafe: Halcyon Southtown

The #PuroCafe meetup continues! This week we met at Halcyon in the lovely Blue Star Arts Complex. The coffee was delicious and they had multiple espresso choices: Heart Roasters Buddy Brew Roasters I couldn’t even wait to start drinking my cappuccino before taking a picture: I also had a slow-pour (Chemex) from Kenya that is highly recommended, although the brand was not marked. I’m still drinking it and getting more depressed as the cup gets lighter in my hand. [Read More]