Giant Steps - Blue Bottle

Giant Steps

Yet another Blue Bottle coffee, I know. It’s just so darned tasty. This coffee is extremely viscous and chocolatey. I feel like I’m drinking Hershey Syrup. The notes from Blue Bottle (see below) actually recommend cream.

I’m usually against cream in coffee because I feel like it kills flavor. If I wanted cream I could drink a Keurig K-Cup and be good to go. But… this time I relented only because we have some crazy good cream on hand from Promised Land Dairy.

Promised Land

The heavy cream added more velvety goodness to an already viscous coffee. I still feel like something is stuck on my tongue. It’s probably fat. OH WELL! (first world problems)

Notes from Blue Bottle:

A blend of organic coffee that is quite dark and chocolaty. Maybe a bit more one-dimensional than the Bella Donovan, but it is a good dimension. Giant Steps is delightfully fudgy and thick in a French press or drip pot, and stands up to cream quite well. If it were any heavier-bodied, you could pour it on pancakes.

Ratio: 16:1 Brew Method: Chemex