Flat White - Starbucks

If you’ve read anything else on here, the reaction to this post is probably along these lines:

*“What? Starbucks? I thought I knew you.”*

You’re right, but sometimes you grab what’s convienent. Plus, Starbucks has had a significant (arguably positive) impact on the world of coffee. Without the Second Wave, we would all still be drinking Folgers. Remember your history.

It’s also been all over the news that Starbucks has announced the new addition to the menu: the Flat White. This should grab the attention of any person claiming to love coffee. This is Big Green’s attempt to regain relevance to Third Wave (or are we on the Fourth Wave now?) coffee people.


The Starbucks Flat White, ordered as it comes, is unremarkable. The foam is a different texture from a regular latte, but it tasted like 2% milk (what Starbucks normally uses) and the milk was steamed to a higher temperature than I prefer. There’s no real difference to me between a Starbucks Flat White and a generic Starbucks Latte.

My advice to you if you’re going to order one: tell the cashier you want whole milk, and tell them you want that milk steamed to 140˚F (60˚C). There’s a reason famous chefs like Julia Child and Paula Deen put butter in everything - fat tastes good. I’ll try one again, this time with a bit more fat and a bit less heat.