Colombia La Virgen AA - Merit

Merit Roasting is the brand new roasting arm of San Antonio’s Local Coffee. Local is a fantastic coffee shop with three locations, but I mostly hang out at the Sonterra location as it’s the best coffee available in any direction for several miles. If you are going to visit Local Sonterra, I recommend against going on a Sunday - It seems to be their busiest day of the week.

Merit Label

This Colombian roast claims to have some light citrus, but it seems more like “Silky” and “Caramel” shine through more here. This is a darker roast than I typically prefer. From the discussion around the Chemex, others seemed to agree. A coworker felt it was “burned”, but I think that was an extreme position to take. It’s just roasted a bit longer than the coffee we normally consume as a group. I enjoyed it and hope to keep seeing more from Merit and the San Antonio coffee community. BUY LOCAL!

Brew Method: Chemex Ratio: 16:1