Colombia Cauca Caloto - Blue Bottle

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but I haven’t had any new coffee lately to post about! So here we are, a new Blue Bottle shipment and a new coffee - this time from Colombia.

Colombia Coffee

The tasting notes from Blue Bottle claim flavors of tropical fruit, tangerine, dates and toffee. I can taste the toffee and a touch of fruit. It is, as usual, really good coffee from Blue Bottle. Here are the tasting notes:

This coffee comes to us from a group of four smallholders – Marta Cunda, Diego Trujillo, Arturo Lizcano and Jairo Almeguer – all located in Caloto, a small municipality just a couple hours south of the Colombian city of Cali. After picking, coffee cherries from these producers undergo a process of manual de-pulping, then they’re fermented in tiled or concrete tanks for a period of 16-20 hours. To children of the 90s, “Fruit Stripe Gum” was less a consumer product than it was a state of mind, a manifesto, a lifestyle. The same could be said of the Cauca Caloto’s audacious tropicalia. The psychedelic zebra, however, is sold separately.