Burundi Kalico - Merit

I was waiting for the Chef meetup to start at Local and decided to try the new Burundi Kalico coffee from Merit Roasting.

Burundi Kalico

It’s very light, bright, and delicious. As you can see from the photo, it claims flavors of peach and brown sugar. Maybe I’ve been drinking heavier coffees too much recently but the lightness here is most refreshing. I’m almost too impatient for coffee - I want to drink it immediately but coffee always gets better if you JUST WAIT for a minute. This is no exception.

I feel like this coffee would be too weak for iced coffee, but it’s perfect for a sunny and cool San Antonio morning.

As a bonus, the Kalico Cooperative is an organization owned by women dedicated to improving labor conditions for women in Burundi. Good coffee while supporting a good cause? Yes, please.

Brew Method: Kalita