Best San Antonio Coffee Shops

I woke up this morning to find this list of San Antonio’s best coffee shops on MySA by Chris Eudaily. I’ll save you a click. Here’s his list, in what I assume is no particular order:

  1. Brown Coffee Co.
  2. Rosella Coffee
  3. Aspen’s Brew
  4. Café Aroma
  5. Candlelight Coffeehouse
  6. Halcyon Southtown
  7. La Taza Coffee House
  8. Local Coffee
  9. Mildfire Coffee Roasters
  10. Olmos Perk Coffee
  11. Perk’s Coffee Café
  12. Revolucion Coffee + Juice
  13. Tazas Coffee

I’m not sure what criteria was used to determine “best” here, but some of these places are amazing and worthy of high praise while others leave a lot to be desired. Here’s my list, also in no particular order:

  1. Brown Coffee Co.
  2. Local Coffee
  3. CommonWealth Coffeehouse
  4. Press
  5. Theory Coffee
  6. Indy Coffee Co.
  7. Mildfire Coffee Roasters
  8. Revolucion Coffee + Juice
  9. Halcyon Southtown
  10. Rosella Coffee

Any of those 10 shops will give you a fantastic coffee experience. A coffee shop considered “best” by my criteria has to have excellent coffee and an experienced, well-trained, knowledgeable staff. A great employee is more important than the finest coffee.

I’ve been to several coffee shops on the Express-News’ list only to met by a sleepy high schooler behind the register with no knowledge of coffee or how to make it.

One of the main reasons for starting PuroCafe: The San Antonio Coffee Meetup was to support the coffee shops in San Antonio like the above that are “doing it right”. Come out and join us sometime!

What coffee shop should be on my list that’s missing? Ping me on twitter!