April Kubernetes Things

Some interesting thoughts on things from the KubeWeekly emails…

Deploying a cluster of Minecraft server with Kubernetes in AWS with kops

I’m a sucker for a good Minecraft setup walkthrough. For one, it’s not WordPress so that’s an immediate plus. The setup is pretty straightforward: deploy Kubernetes, then deploy Minecraft as a Kubernetes ReplicationController & expose it with a Service. Since you’re using AWS the Service is an ELB. You could get fancier and tweak some Minecraft settings with a ConfigMap. The container used in the code examples isn’t the most popular Minecraft container out there either. Maybe I should write my own version of this…

Kubernetes 1.10: Hidden Gems

In an open source project, there aren’t “hidden features”, just features that don’t get a ton of press coverage. This is a nice overview of some of those overlooked or underreported things in Kubernetes 1.10 that look pretty cool! Specifically from this post, I’m interested most in CoreDNS and shareProcessNamespace in the pod spec. It will be interesting to see how users use the latter with sidecar containers.

Heptio Quick Start for Kubernetes using the AWS IOT Button

Working for Heptio, my bias is showing. Still: push-button Kubernetes is cool! This walkthrough uses AWS IoT and Lambda to deploy the Heptio CloudFormation stack.

Nvidia brings joy by bringing GPU acceleration to Kubernetes

This will be great news for Kubernetes folks that are also interested in Machine Learning. More and more you’re seeing Kubernetes orchestrate different types of applications, whether it’s databases using StatefulSets or now GPU-based things. It’s good to see the diversity of workloads!