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The Witte and Siclovia

LEGO all the things!

LEGO all the things!

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Two new Heat Templates: Docker Swarm and Minecraft

I’ve written two new OpenStack Heat templates recently. One deploys Docker Swarm and the other deploys Minecraft, because why not:




Gluecon 2016 Preview

I’ll be at Gluecon this week in beautiful Broomfield, Colorado. I’ve been wanting to go this conference for awhile now but it hasn’t really ever seemed to work out. The agenda makes it difficult to pick which sessions to go see, which definitely means I’m in for a good conference.

While you can see the full agenda here, I’m most looking forward to seeing the following breakout sessions:

Orchestrating Containers in Production at Scale with Docker Swarm: Dongluo Chen, Docker

Hybrid DevOps Delivers Container Infrastructure: Rob Hirschfeld, RackN

Continuous Delivery Made Easy with Spinnaker: Dave Stenglein, Kenzan

Continuous Delivery Automation of Cloud Infrastructure and Applications at Choice Hotels: Brian Mericle, Choice Hotels

Practical Service Discovery with Consul: Chris Stevens, Traxo

You can tell I’m leaning toward CI/CD and infrastructure at what is a developer-focused conference. Aside from what should be a fantastic conference, I’m also excited about hanging out in the Denver area and exploring some of the coffee scene there. Some shops I plan to visit:

Black Black Coffee


Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters

Ozo Coffee (Boulder)

The Golden Age of SATX Coffee

Do you even realize what is happening, San Antonio? We are in a GOLDEN AGE of caffeine here in the Alamo City.

The orange handle means "wrong pot"

The orange handle means “wrong pot”

Back in my day, (ok, mostly my parents’ day) coffee came from a donut or taco shop. It sat all day on the burner, dished out with copious amounts of cream and sugar to make it even remotely palatable. If you were lucky, you caught a fresh pot. Even though their advertising said it was “good ’til the last drop”, everyone knew better.

It was the coffee of my grandfather, with two Sweet-N-Lows per cup, consumed with a donut in the break room of the bank where he worked. It was the coffee of my mother, who drank it black (!), consumed quickly in galley sections of planes in midair and in hidden flight attendant lounges in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport.

For a short time it was my coffee, too. Then Starbucks happened. Suddenly, the common man had access to high quality coffee from far away places like Ethiopia and Indonesia. It was eye-opening!

Now with Third-Wave style places, we have access to coffee grown, roasted, brewed, and served with the highest standards, and the shops that serve it are popping up EVERYWHERE in San Antonio. You no longer have to travel across town to get it. It’s close to you! There are latte art competitions in San Antonio! Coffee is blowing up in the Alamo City and I could not be happier. Get into it!

I made a list a while back of my favorite shops, but even now it’s out of date. If you’re looking for a good way to check out the SATX coffee scene, join the Puro Cafe meetup!

Google self-driving car!

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1OrSMMg

Using Packer with OpenStack

At my current employer, we have several trial/demo OpenStack environments for potential customers to test things. They also serve as environments for us to test out some demos or tools that we might have interest in. With customers and partners using trial environments and pushing limits, it makes sense to be able to move workloads for us (employees) between trial environments. Normally I’d be against using golden images for this purpose, and instead I’d want to just use configuration management straight up, however having a base image that’s the same between these separate environments is nice to have, especially when you can spin it up quickly with everything in place. Enter Packer!

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Speaking at the Austin OpenStack Summit

On Monday, April 25, at 11:15am I’ll be speaking at the OpenStack Summit in Austin, TX! I’ll be speaking with Chris Riviere on coupling Cisco Metapod with Cloud Foundry. Talking, a demo, fun for the whole family.

If you’re going to the Summit, stop by and let’s connect!

The last time I had a speaking slot at the Summit I got to talk about Chef and play Minecraft on stage, which was pretty fun:

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